Some Exciting News...

Some Exciting News...

1st Jun 2021

Happy National Nail Polish Day!

In 2017, Essie initiated June 1st as National Nail Polish Day to give women across the nation a day to appreciate, celebrate, and show off all their nail colors! To commemorate National Nail Polish Day, here's a little history of nail polish...

Around 3200 B.C.E., the history of nail polish began in ancient Babylonia. Males allegedly utilized kohl, an ancient cosmetic made of lead sulfide and other substances, as nail paint, according to sources. Because it is black, the upper class wore it to distinguish themselves from the lower class, who wore green. According to sources, nail polish was first used in China about 3000 B.C.E. According to the history of nail polish, it was once used to distinguish the upper class from the general public. The dominant hues were silver and gold, which represented authority and prosperity. Egg whites, Arabic gum, and beeswax were used to make nail paint at the time. They'd soak their fingernails in the mixture until they had the color they wanted. Around the same time, henna was used to tint nails in India and Egypt at the same time. It was allowed to be worn by people of all classes, but the upper class wore different colors than the lower class. Eventually in 1920, Michelle Menard, a cosmetics artist, was inspired by the enamel that was used to paint cars and worked with the founders or Revlon (Charles Revson, Martin Revson, and Charles Lachman) to create a substance that looked a lot like the enamel used to paint cars that became known as nail polish.

Quick Fun Facts on Nail Polish:

  • The infamous Louboutin red bottoms originated from Revlon's nail polish (used by his assistant)
  • The most expensive nail polish costs $250,000 because it contains 267 carats of black diamonds
  • Open nail polishes can last for two years
  • Jeff Pink, founder of ORLY, created the French Manicure in 1975

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