NEW: PANA Diamond Nail Drill Bit

NEW: PANA Diamond Nail Drill Bit

May 1, 2022

Beauticom is now introducing our new collection of Pana Diamond Drill Bits!
The new Pana Diamond Drill Bits Collection is comes in many barrel shapes that Beauticom now sells, such as; Ball Bits, Cuticle Safety Bits, Flame Bit, Nib Bit, Column Bit, and lastly, Cone Bit. Now you may wonder, “But, Beauticom… I already have those bits in normal carbide, what’s the difference?”

The difference is that Diamond Drill Bits are designed to safely use on a client’s natural nail to focus on removing dead skin on the cuticles and surrounding nail walls without worrying about injuring the client. Unlike Pana’s normal Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits that are made to be long-lasting and reusable; Diamond Drill Bits normally made for shorter uses as these drill bits may dull much quicker due to the fact that Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits have flute-like cuts to shave and cut through the surface while Diamond Drill Bits are much less aggressive and lightly scratch off the surface of the nailbed. Pana’s Diamond Drill Bits are made out of a mix of synthetic and natural diamond particles to make these bits easy to clean and last longer without rust. Although these Diamond Drill Bits are not as aggressive as Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits, they will create more dust and friction on the nail bed; therefore, is made to be used at a slower pace or the drill bit will heat up very quickly.

Determining Grit Sizes:

To help easily find the appropriate the grit size of most of the drill bits, Pana has taken a step further to design each nail drill bit to determine the grit sizes! There has been a couple ways to determine each Pana drill bit grit size, however, it was never acknowledge. 

Some of our drill bits have abbreviations of the grit size on the tip of the drill bit, or a removable rubber ring on the shank of the drill bit, or lastly, the engraved colored ring on the shanks to help nail techs determine the grit size without having to feel or study the barrel closely. The color-coded system has been made universal for most drill bits to easily differentiate the various types of grit sizes available to nail drill bits. Some drill bits with the removable rubber ring not only serves the purpose of determining the grit size, but it may be adjusted on the shank to catch dirt and debris from entering the opening of the nail e-file drill. 

All Pana grit sizes now share the same color legend to make sure there is less confusion: Yellow (XF), Red (F), Blue (M), Green (C), Black (XC), Orange (2XC), and Pink (3XC)

About Each Diamond Drill Bits:

Pana’s Ball Shaped Diamond Drill Bits

Pana’s Ball Shaped Diamond Drill Bits has a shape that is self-explanatory, it is shaped like a ball, and are great for cleaning the client’s sidewalls and can easily focus under the nail (when using the smaller ball bit). The main use of the Ball Bit is to clean the cuticles and dead skin as well as prep for back fills without taking too excess amounts of skin or nail plate.

Pana’s Cuticle Safety Diamond Drill Bits

Pana’s Cuticle Safety Diamond Drill Bits has straight narrow barrels with a rounded tip to eliminate injury to the surrounding side walls of the nail bed. The size of the barrel that Pana carries for the Cuticle Safety Diamond Drill Bit is perfect to reach specific areas of the nail and is unharmful to the client.

Pana’s Flame/Nib Diamond Drill Bits

Both Pana’s Flame Diamond Drill Bits and Nib Diamond Drill Bits are very similar in its football shape and uses. The two different bits are perfect to allow easier cuticle removal and help create a lifted and clean cuticle look. The shape of the Flame Bits is narrower and more elongated to help create a gentle lift of the cuticles without damaging the surrounding areas. Whereas, the shape of the Nib Bit is a little shorter and wider to allow precise movements and focus areas on the nail bed.

Pana’s Column Diamond Drill Bits

Pana’s Column Diamond Drill Bits has a shape that is slightly similar to Pana’s Cuticle Safety Diamond Drill Bit with its long, narrow barrel, though the difference is that the tip of the Column Bit is flat. The long, narrow shape of the Column Diamond Drill Bit helps speeds up the nail service by allowing more coverage of the nail bed when removing the oil and shine.

Pana’s Cone Shaped Diamond Drill Bits

Pana’s Cone Shaped Diamond Drill Bits has a tapered barrel in different sizes which allows full capability of being a universal drill bit to access hard to reach areas, cleaning cuticles and sidewalls, polishing the nail bed, and, lastly, removing remaining products or shine on the top layer of the nail plate.

To learn more about other Pana Nail Drill Bits that Beauticom carries and the differences of the drill bits, read our blog post: The Guide to Nail Drill Bits