Big, Bold & Experimental: August Nail Trends

Big, Bold & Experimental: August Nail Trends

Posted by Jennifer Laurent on August 11, 2022

Summer is still in full swing but the heat cannot stop these nail trends from taking all the attention. Grab a cool drink and show off your nail art as you hang by the pool, the beach, or the super air-conditioned shopping mall. Make your nail art the statement piece of your summer wardrobe. Find inspiration in the following nail art trends that are getting viral hits left and right throughout social media and OWN this summer by taking bold strides in your next nail adventure!

1. Glazed Doughnut Nails

Thanks to model-of-the-moment Hailey Bieber’s latest nail art post on Tik Tok, the “Glazed Doughnut” nails are making a splash across social media. Fans of the aesthetic have been calling Hailey’s nails “glazed doughnuts” thanks to high-gloss sheen that resembles a sheer coat of icing. According to Hailey, she achieves this look by applying one thin layer of color and rubbing chrome dust over it. Ask your nail technician for a thin layer of sheer polish and a chrome dip powder. Achieve this look with Hailey’s favorite polish: OPI’s Funny Bunny. Stick with the brand by asking for Tin Man by OPI as your chrome dip powder.

2. Droplet Manicure

HBO’s hit series, “Euphoria” has garnered tons of attention on 3D gel nail art. Popular nail designs like the “amoeba nails” on Hunter Schafer and jellied “koi fish nails” on Normani have shown viewers that big, bold 3D art is in this season and easy to wear. Sculpting with clear building gel or Pexi glass materials creates experimental shapes while intricate droplets and shapes are achieved using specific tools such as wood sticks and dotting pens. Although Plexi glass, pearls, and other chunky materials are good add-ons to start your creative Droplet journey, the current trend leans more on naturalism- think dewy, blob-like droplets.

3. Blue Art

For a cooling effect in the scorching summer heat, why not try a bold blue as your next polish color. Blue is having a moment this summer, especially bold tones like cobalt blue. To bring more excitement to just a simple layer of blue, why not try playing with designs such as a negative-space design, cute flower stamps, and embellishing.

4. Embellished French

French manicures have always been a go-to for sleek, chic designs that go with just about any outfit. Currently, there's been a playful approach to this classic look thanks to addition of fun colors and playful designs added on. While playful, it continues to bring a subtle complement to over the top-maximalist fashion looks coming off the runway. Looks to try out now: the Double-Corner French, which consists of lines tapering off gradually at the top and bottom, achieving a smooth corner. For a more unexpected take on the classic French manicure, add dimension by combining a colorful tip with silver glitter sprinkled on top.

5. Hoops and Charms

Not only are we adding charms to our phone cases and Crocs, but we are also seeing fun hoops and charms hanging from bold, bright, and colorful nails now more than ever. We're definitely having a good time and expressing ourselves through sparkly designs. The last two and a half years have been so bleak, so let's find a spark wherever we can- add bling like gemstones, fabric, key charms, and fur to your nails and see how quickly that makes you smile!

6. Bright Swirl

Marbled manicures are in right now. Achieve this look by asking for a glossy base polish with soft veins and swirls running over the top using a base coat, an accent color, some polish remover and a striping brush. The fun part is customizing and coordinating colors. Tap into summer fair vibes with cotton-candy shades of white and pink, refreshing mint greens and accentuating gold swirls, or edgy black and neon green polishes. For a softer blend, dilute the lighter-colored polish with acetone and paint on the lines with a super-thin striping brush. Or, mix a few drops of color with a clear base coat, which creates a jelly-like texture. And remember: the messier, the better!

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