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At Beauticom, our mission as a Nails & Beauty Supply distributor is to provide top quality products to the beauty industry and some including our popular PANA brand products. Beauticom proudly supply our distributor, wholesaler with high-quality nails & beauty supply that is also cost effective for today’s innovative beauty industry.

All of the Nails and Beauty supply that we list on our website is stocked in our warehouse in Arcadia, California. By stocking the products in our own warehouse, we are usually able to ship the products on the same day that you place your order with our knowledgeable sales.

We are happy to provide nail and beauty supplies and proudly ship within the same day of the order through our e-commerce retail business. However, since we are a warehouse, it is important to note that we are not open to the general public. Therefore, we will not be open for in-store or curbside pick up on all orders.


If you are interested in shopping at our wholesale price, feel free to contact



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